When you arrive home after what has inevitably been a long day, what’s the first thing you want to do? Some aggressive core work? A little bit of strength training peppered with a few audible grunts? Head out for a long run on a sidewalk that may or may not have been shoveled after a snowfall? I’m guessing none of the above, so what if it was possible to get in some fitness during the day… while you work? Oh, it’s possible alright, and the solution might be coming to an office near you. It’s already come to mine!

treadmill desk work

Sure, we’ve seen bits on the news about the latest fad in fitness, or how to burn calories while you work, but at my office—actually only a handful of desks away from mine—I get to watch a treadmill desk in action. The user, a wonderful co-worker, Dave Sherman, waxed poetic about the decision he made to not only commit to weight loss, but to eat healthier and get in daily walks. Given that Dave has a very long commute and works long hours, he was pinched for time to get in fitness after the workday, so he started doing some research on treadmill desks. Dave bit the bullet, bought the treadmill platform, raised his desk level and has been strolling through his workday ever since.

treadmill desk happy

Never have you seen anyone so happy to be working and working out!

Never have you seen anyone so happy to be working and working out!
Is Dave pleased with the results? You bet. I wanted to know more about the whole process, so I emailed him some questions that he happily answered while taking a walk at his desk.

Before I get started, please know that I am answering these questions while I am walking on my treadmill. I have a Rebel Desk treadmill and have had it since December 2013. I am currently walking 2 miles per hour, which is also the fastest the treadmill will go. So far today, I’ve done almost 4 miles and it’s only 1:10 PM.

What prompted you to get a treadmill desk? I have had a standup desk since June of last year. Around that time, I thought it would be a great idea to put a treadmill under my desk so I could get more exercise. I ended up putting off the decision until December and then bought one through Amazon.com. The primary reason for getting my treadmill was to be able to get exercise while I’m at work. I traditionally work a minimum of a 10-hour day and my commute is 26 miles each way. It doesn’t leave much time left to exercise. To be able to walk 4 to 6 miles every day while I’m working is a dream. I have also dropped 23 pounds so far.

treadmill desk walking

How did you go about researching the right desk for you? Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of research to be done because there are very few options when you only want to buy the treadmill and not the attached desk. Most companies sell the desk and the treadmill together. All I wanted was the treadmill. If I remember right, there were only two options available and the Rebel Desk was significantly less expensive than the other alternative.

How did you first learn about treadmill desks? A good friend of mine started walking on a treadmill desk and lost something like 80 pounds. I think he walked 75 marathons in 2013 by using his treadmill. He answered a lot of questions for me before I made my purchase.

How has your experience been with your treadmill desk? I really like it. It has taken some work getting used to typing while walking at 2 miles/hour. Fortunately, a lot of my work is done by voice dictation. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software and it makes my life very simple. As long as I properly lubricate the area underneath the belt, the treadmill works perfectly. At times, I wish it went faster than 2 miles per hour but I will not complain.

What, if any, pitfalls have you experienced? There are certain days that I get very tired towards the end of the day because I have walked 4 to 6 miles, as well as doing my full day of work. I happen to be 54 years old so I don’t have that level of energy I used to. Besides that, there are no pitfalls that I can think of.

As a fitness enthusiast and desk-based worker, does this sound like something that might interest you? Are you pressed for time to get in a workout or walk after your workday? Seriously consider a treadmill desk. Since Dave answered my questions, even more treadmill desk options have become available to the public, and treadmill.com is an early adopter and proponent of shifting the way you work and making time for some quality calorie burning.