We get a lot of questions sent to us about different desks and their ability to be used for different purposes. Since so many people ask, we thought we would put a quick blog together on standing desks vs treadmill desks vs desks that can do both.

In our opinion, as well as the opinion of many medical studies, using either a standing desk OR a treadmill desk is significantly healthier than sitting at a stationary desk for hours at a time. Of this there is no question. Sitting for extended periods (which so many of us do) is simply not ergonomic for your body long-term. Although there are many studies that prove this statement, I doubt most people who sit all day need to have any more evidence other than sore joints, neck and back pain, and even common headaches that they experience to convince them of that.

One challenge that people reach out to us seem to have is that they don’t think they can walk or stand the entire day. As a treadmill desk user, (I am on mine at 1.3 MPH as I write this) I can tell you that this is a legitimate question. Can you walk all day on a treadmill for an 8 hour workday?

Perhaps, but it might be a challenge. There are two ways to combat this. First is to have a desk that is long enough to accommodate both a treadmill as well as a chair. Mike Jackness who is a partner at sponsor Treadmill.com purchased an Imovr 83in Thermodesk which has enough room for walking, standing as well as a chair for sitting.

Check out his video here to see him work in all modes.

imovr 83IN

When I went to purchase my treadmill desk, I already had a “sitting” desk. So I choose to go with the LifeSpan 1200-DT7 treadmill bundle. So when I want to walk, I use my treadmill desk. If I get a bit tired, I can stop walking and stand on the treadmill without having it on and use it as a standing desk. Of course, if I get tired from standing and need to sit or want privacy, my office desk is just a few feet away.

imovr 83IN

The key when looking at these desks is to have an idea as to how you plan on using them. Is one type of desk better than the other? I do not think so. It comes down to knowing what you plan on using the desk. In my opinion, I would expect to be walking/standing a lot more as that is the point of purchasing this in the first place. However, don’t forget about the fact that you might want to take a break and sit as well. The goal of these units is the flop the ratio of walking hours to sitting hours during your workday.